Hulu as the next platform to introduce "watch parties"

grudzień 21, 2020 14:29

As video consumption has seen an increase during the pandemic and people have been spending more time at home, a new way of watching video grew in popularity — watch parties. This feature enables simultaneously watching the same show by multiple users and live commenting and reacting to what is happening on the screen. It triggers interesting QoS requirements, including synchronising both the show and the chat for all the users, on top of adapting to the differences in their internet connection speeds. Hulu recently rolled out the feature for all their users and also added a "click to catch up" option — if one of the watch party participants pauses the video, while it continues playing for the others, he can later catch up to continue watching the show live with friends.
A similar watch party feature was introduced by Amazon Prime earlier this year, and HBO partnered with Scener to enable co-watching to their users.

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