The US Army to utilize network slicing

One of the most essential 5G capabilities is network slicing. It enables isolating parts of the network for specific types of traffic, applications, or users, and each slice is built to fulfill the specific QoS requirements. Since the slices are isolated, the US Army is working on employing this technology for military uses. Customizing the capacity, latency, and cybersecurity of each slice can support a variety of mission-specific needs. More importantly, the slicing can be dynamic, which means that the slices can be created or deleted as needed. As the Army’s current networks consist of many stove-piped transport networks that were developed for specific purposes, the investment in network slicing will vastly improve the connectivity. It will also enable various new use cases, including autonomous vehicles, time-critical sensor to shooter connectivity, heads-up displays, high-resolution video feeds, and intelligence data retrieval. 

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