Archiwum aktualności Katedry Systemów i Sieci Komputerowych

AT&T testing cloud gaming traffic prioritization

Cloud gaming is an example of network traffic that not only requires fast download speeds but, more importantly, low latency. #maan

Telefonica and Ericsson demonstrate end-to-end automated network slicing

Telefonica and Ericsson recently provided a demonstration of end-to-end automated network slicing #maan

The US Army to utilize network slicing

As the Army’s current networks consist of many stove-piped transport networks that were developed for specific purposes, the investment in network slicing will vastly improve the connectivity. #maan

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson demonstrate network slicing

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson announced a proof of concept implementation of global 5G end-to-end network slicing for latency-critical enterprise applications with guaranteed Quality of Service #maan

Increasing app complexity restricts QoS ensurance

The addition of embedded video, chat, payment, and other features to multiple applications increases their QoS requirements and makes them difficult to identify by conventional techniques. #maan

The surge of heavy network users

According to the recent Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report, there is an increase in 1TB per Month of power users.  #maan

Increasing traffic share of messaging applications

Messaging accounted for approx. 6% of overall daily mobile internet traffic in 2021. The leading mobile messaging platform worldwide is WhatsApp which has replaced text messaging for over 1.5B users a month. #maan

Continuous growth of videoconferencing apps popularity

Despite introducing lockdowns in most countries over a year ago, the global ranking of the most popular virtual meeting applications Zoom and MS Teams went up in 2021. #maan

Heading into a mobile-first environment

Today’s consumers are installing more apps than ever — 230 billion were downloaded in 2021, setting a new record. #maan

Video streaming dominates mobile internet traffic

Video streaming accounts for the majority of both downstream and upstream mobile internet traffic  #maan

Expanding 5G coverage with satellites

Verizon and Amazon partnership to further expand 5G and LTE coverage #maan

1Password introduces secure password sharing

1Password’s new Password Secure Sharing Tool (Psst!) #maan